Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

10. 08. 2019
Art Cafe

Discussion: KapiTalks: Numbers in the Independent Culture


How do existing smaller regional art festivals manage to survive? How are several important and dramaturgically innovative events with an interesting concept and tradition financed? What problems of local or supralocal type do they have to deal with and what challenges regarding fundraising do they face? How do alternate culture events maintain or increase their visit rate? What is the value of money in this sector of culture from the cost-benefit point of view per visitor? The pilot edition of Kapitalks at 4 Elements will be dealing with these and other topics related to numbers in organization of cultural events on independent regional level. The discussion is organized by 4 Elements in cooperation with the Kapitál magazine.

The guests of the discussion will be Ivana Rumanová, a programmer of Kinobus – Not Just Film Festival, Žilina (and other places), Martin Krištof, a programmer of the Festival of Independent Theater and Dance Kiosk, Žilina, Ondrej Starinský, the executive director and fundraiser of the 4 Elements Film Festival, Banská Štiavnica and Alexandr Jančík, the director of PAF – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, Olomouc; the discussion will be moderated by Matej Sotník, the head of the film section of the Kapitál magazine.