Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

08. 08. 2015
Kultúrne centrum

Sugar Blues

Andrea, a director diagnosed with gestational diabetes, must change her diet and stop eating any form of refined sugar almost overnight. Plagued by withdrawal symptoms she soon finds how difficult her quest really is. She finds sugar everywhere and in everything: from bread, ready-to-cook meals and beer to canned veggies, crisps and smoked meat, but also in cigarettes, ads and politics. Andrea decides to explore the consequences that the hundreds of years of eating sugar have caused. Her discoveries about the links between mental illnesses, behaviour disturbances and excessive sugar intake are hard to believe. The film balances on the edges of a historical thriller, scientific observation and social commitment. It is a part of the Visegrad programme within the main section of the seminar.

Cukr-blog (Andrea Culková, CZ, 2014, 70 min., EV+SS)