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ZmysloVOD is the result of cooperation between 4 Elements and web portal. This unique section of documentary films on the topic of SENSES will allow you to watch the films screened at the festival from comfort of your own home thanks to the Video on Demand (VOD) service. The festival attendees with accreditation will obtain an electronic voucher that will enable them to watch the following trio of films after they return from the festival (August 9th– August 23rd 2015). The participants without accreditation can watch each of the films after paying the streaming fee. A monthly subscription can be purchased for the price of €3.99, enabling you to watch all the films available at without any limitations.


Notes on Love

The film appeared at the time when its author, a well-known Danish director, was going through a life crisis. The actors in the film represent his particular characteristics. The general feeling is that of disgust and uneasiness and other principal emotions are indecisiveness and a creative block that the author’s alter ego is battling. Despite its gloomy impression, the film also tries to capture the true nature of love.
Notater om kærligheden (Jørgen Leth, DK, 1989, 87 min., OV+ES)


Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

You will recognize the protagonist of this film rather easily. He is walking down the street when – without any warning – he realizes that he is subject to terrible moods of a number of viewers and completely in the hands of the filmmaker. His determination to fight is a sheer waste of effort. He is sent to the gallows where he dies a truly film-like death.
Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (Peter Tscherkassky, AT, 2005, 17 min., OV)


Optical vacuum

Webcams have raised the standards of portraying the world. It is exactly the images they make that creates the memory of the world to which Kowalski’s film is looking. He fishes in the streams of digital data on the internet and pulls out images aimed at no one, yet accessible to everyone. He comments on them in an essay, where they turn into a vision of voyeurism, supervision and a voluntary self-exposure in a vague situation where one is both the viewer and the viewed.
Optical Vacuum (Dariusz Kowalski, PL, 2008, 54 min., EV+ES)


Gambling, Gods and LSD

Trojhodinový trip skúma neviditeľné vlákna túžby po aboslútne naprieč časom a kultúrami. Miesta sveta spája vôňa extázy, sexu, peňazí a večne hľadaného božstva. Vyčerpávajúca cesta splieta na pozadí dekoratívne bohatej zvuko- vej palety rôzne filmové štýly, zachytáva mdlo- bu evanjelickej modlitby v kostole na toront- skom letisku, fatalitu náboženského stretnutia v južnej Ázii aj neviazané telesné poteše-
nia uprostred Nevadskej púšte. Mediatívna vláčnosť filmovej eseje sa razom prevráti do pulzujúcich škvŕn videoartu, obrazy sa vrstvia vnútri sekúnd, aby v monštróznom celku boli deklaráciou zásadných zmien ľudského idealiz- mu, transcendencie a estetických potrieb.

(Peter Mettler, CA/SW, 2002, 180 min., OV+ES) 


The web portal also recommends seeing the successful film Hush! by the Russian director Viktor Kosakovskij. The film is not included in the voucher for the festival attendees with accreditation, but they can watch it for the price of €1.99.


Pointing a camera from the window of his flat, Viktor Kosakovskij has directed a documentary film he himself considers a comedy. He has been documenting a few square metres of one of the streets in St. Petersburg and observing the changes caused by the celebration of its 300th anniversary. We will get to see a woman stuffing her pockets full of snow, a drunkard and some police officers as well as young lovers and various other peculiar characters. Kosakovskij drew inspiration from E. T. A Hoffman’s My Cousin's Corner Window. This short story follows a bedridden man whose only connection with the outside world is a window.
Tishe! (Viktor Kosakovskij, RU, 2002, 80 min., OV+ES)

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