Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

07. 08. 2015
Starý zámok

An Old Gangster's Molls

The film An Old Gangster's Molls features the phenomenal Vlasta Burian in a dual role: that of a destitute nobleman and that of a feared gangster. His female colleague Anny Ondráková plays the part of a girl who is keen on boxing and driving fast cars. The plot is full of twists and turns: the nobleman is approached by his nephew, who asks him to court an eccentric daughter of his creditor for him and talk the girl off their enforced wedding. The soundtrack to the restored film copy was composed by the musical ensemble Neuvěřitelno. When accompanying film screenings, the unique-sounding trio always perform live and in this respect, the 4 Elements projections will be no different. The film is a part of the Visegrad programme within the main section of the seminar.

Milenky starého kriminálnika (Svatopluk Innemann, CSR, 1927, 106 min., CS+ES)