Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

09. 08. 2015
Kino Akademik

Little Otik

Jan Švankmajer took a folk fairy-tale about a gluttonous child made out of wood and transposed it to the environment of a today’s housing estate. The childless couple, Mr. and Mrs. Horáková, who have lived there have been longing for a baby for so long that Mrs. Horáková finally discovers one in a crooked piece of wood that vaguely reminds of a child. When the stump comes to life, the “child” starts to ask for food and its appetite becomes very difficult to satisfy. Grotesquely portrayed, the child’s gluttony starts to pain not only the parents themselves but also the inhabitants of the whole block of flats. Alžbetka, the girl next door, could save Little Otik, but she will have to overcome a number of obstacles to succeed. The film is a part of the Visegrad programme within the main section of the seminar.

Otesánek (Jan Švankmajer, CZ/UK/JP, 2000, 125 min., OV+ES)