Summer Film Festival 4 Elements


Power is everywhere, but the power is not everything

After the last year full of love, 4 Elements are coming with seemingly challenging topic of POWER. Our participants could already taste it during the winter editions of 4 Elements in late February this year when we focused in detail to POWER of MEDIA.

Making a definition what POWER is might be difficult, because of the subject’s complexity. To simplify the orientation in the subject we can borrow the perception of one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century Michel Foucault, who in his lifetime work focused on the theme of POWER. According to Foucault, POWER is all around us; it is reflected in all aspects of society. It is POWER that is absolute, sovereign and political; POWER like the strategy and technique of government and not just as political phenomenon, but also in the family and other relationships. In this connection IT raises bad and negative emotions. But the manipulation of POWER (not just with help of pictures) can be negative and positive. POWER naturally raises the resistance, rebellion and critical thinking. IT can bewitch and devour. Taking advantage of POWER we may influence and cultivate many things. However IT should be mainly knowing and knowledge (and vice versa). And if the power comes from below, from individual small social groups and structures, it produces, for example, such projects as 4 Elements.

We tried to choose films for program that reflect the most mentioned forms and we hope that we will discover them (and possibly others) together during the 16th 4 Živly. Also, we have prepared a series of interesting presentations and master class: directors Marcel Łoziński and Robert Kirchhoff will present you (op)position of makers' power and power of document and reality. Martin Čihák will introduce you to the mystery and power of experimental film and powerful selection of Fest Anča tides you up with quality animated film about power. On Friday 4 Elements will take control with their magic power a space in Štiavnické Bane, where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic accompanying program.

This year the chosen theme again proved being highly current. We are grateful that 4 Elements have their faithful community and that its power (= help) and financial support enable us to organize the fourth edition of 4 Elements for Kids. It will present you many fantastic films not only for children who will participate in music, animation workshops and art-animation workshops. Thank you again to you all who supported us.

This year's powerful novelty is a section of films that can be seen by all fans of the quality film on the Internet. 4 Elements therefore continue to remain intimate event, but begin to expand and operate the virtual space.

We are pleased that 4 Elements constitute an attractive platform for other interesting projects. Besides the traditional MPhilms Summer Workshop we offer in collaboration with our partners a workshop and event Invisible Štiavnica and Videocube. More about the program on the overall events you'll find inside the catalog or on

Finally, we just believe that elements will be favorable to us and power of weather will show only in the most positive form.

For the entire team of organizers we wish you great event enhanced by the fantastic, not only film experience!

Daniela and Otchka