Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

08. 08. 2020

Let’s Sing a Song

Pějme píseň dohola 

Ondřej Trojan, 1990, CS, 103 min., OV

Marek is driving his friend Ondra to a pioneer camp where Ondra is going to start work as a trainee. During a meeting, Ondra is introduced to the scoutmaster Bison who ends every conversation with the approving words "Otter Motter". The caretaker Čada's storehouse is full of treasures, and the bald-headed Zdeněk secretly arranges a sauna in there. Another scoutmaster, Bob, a bodybuilder of feeble brains, is responsible for the teenagers. There are two other weirdos there, the bearded Bušek and the hirsute lad Jaroušek. The other trainee apart from Honza is a skinny lad called Sado. All events at the camp are supervised by Margot, the uncompromising cleaning lady. The local star is the blonde medical officer Vendy, the girlfriend of Marek, but he leaves the camp straight after their first quarrel. The enchanted Ondra then tries to hook up with Vendy for the rest of the time. The children, too, are mostly personalities who are hard to overlook. Many of them have been going to the camp on a regular basis, and the usual routine thus arrives very soon - the parades with the hoisting of the flag, the campfire, the first smoking and drinking, as well as love experiences. One of the trips ends up close to the limit. Bob is injured by a ball thrown during a sports afternoon. It hits him on the head and the man almost dies amidst the hustle of the last camping hours. Bison confiscates toothpastes and cremes in order to pre-empt the practical jokes that are a traditional part of the last night. The camp is over - an ambulance arrives to take Bob to the hospital, a girl called Grass has lice and her hair must be cut short. Vendy hysterically reproaches the trainee after Marek's offended departure. Finally, the storehouse burns to the ground due to the caretaker's cigarette butt.