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11. 08. 2018
Kultúrne centrum

The Witch Hunters


Raško Miljković, RS/MK, 2018, 86 min., OV+ES+SD

Ten-year-old Jovan suffers from cerebral palsy. His diagnosis shapes his everyday life and the boy believes that thanks to it he is invisible to others – mainly to his parents and classmates. Often, he escapes to the world of fantasy where he can be who he wants to be and where he has supernatural powers that everybody would like to have. However, Jovan’s (extra)ordinary existence gets disrupted by his new classmate Milica. The brave and determined girl slowly breaks down the wall that Jovan has built around himself. In the end Milica invites him on a real adventure – to free her father from his new wife who Milica considers to be a witch. The journey brings Jovan into a reality he could never even imagine. To become a true hero he first needs to accept himself exactly as he is.