Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

24. 02. 2018
Kino Akademik

New Slovakia, New Man, New Life – a selection of archive films

This selection of archive films has been curated and will be presented by film theoretician Eva Filová.

The Valley of Happiness
Vladimír Bahna, CS, 1948, 15 min., OV 

A reportage from the construction of the railroad Trať mládeže Hronská Dúbrava – Banská Štiavnica.

Victory on the Wasteland
Ján Beer, CS, 1949, 13 min., OV 

A reportage about the pioneers in rice cultivation in Slovakia.

Stars in Shafts
Dušan Kodaj, CS, 1954, 20 min., OV 

A reportage about the typical life of miners in the mines of Banská Štiavnica.

The New Village
Pavel Miškuv, CS, 1960, 11 min., OV 

A documentary about how to build new villages and cities.

Tencer Slabey Maťaš
Milan Černák, CS, 1983, 17 min., OV 

A documentary about the work heroes of the first five-year plan that based on archive film materials confronts their present social status and opinions.