Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

24. 02. 2018
Kino Akademik

Dreams Rewired

Mobilisierung der Träume - Dreams Rewired

Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart, Thomas Tode, AT/GE/UK, 2015, 88 min., EV + CS

“Each era thinks it is the modern one.” The telephone, television and film have been with us for over hundred years. In the time of their origin they were considered revolutionary and gave people utopian ideas about unlimited possibilities for communication across unimaginable distances, but also about the end of wars. Hand in hand with these hopes there has also been the fear of their misuse and the loss of privacy and security. Thanks to unique archive materials and the captivating voice of narrator Tilda Swinton, the creators of the documentary have been able to illustrate the history of utopian ideas but also to reflect the worries coming from the current state of development of media and technologies.

The film will be screened together with the pre-film 6 questions for Jan Werich.