Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

08. 08. 2015
Kino Akademik


Koza (Slovak for goat) is an aging flyweight boxer whose memories of the golden days and the times of the Olympics in Atlanta are starting to fade. To save the relationship with his pregnant partner, Koza and a local loan shark Zvonko embark on a “tour” of Europe, where it is not the number of victories that counts, but rather the number of punches that the determined Koza can take. 4 Elements will screen the film as a preview and the projection will be introduced by its director Ivan Ostrochovský and its screenwriter Marek Leščák.

Ivan Ostrochovský
Ivan Ostrochovský is a graduate of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he studied at the Department of Audio Visual Studies and the Documentary Department. He has directed several documentary films (Lesser Evil, Ilja, Velvet Terrorists) and co-produced various other documentary as well as actors’ films (Matchmaking Mayor, Made in Ash). The drama Goat is his feature-length actors’ debut.

Marek Leščák
Marek Leščák is a graduate and currently also a pedagogue of dramaturgy and screenwriting at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is considered one of the most successful screenwriters in Slovakia, having cooperated with such names as Martin Šulík (The Garden, Orbis Pictus, The City of the Sun), but also with some emerging authors (Mátyás Prikler - Fine, Thanks, Iveta Grófová – Made in Ash) and documentary film-makers (Jaro Vojtek – Here we are, The Border, So Far, So Near). Since 2014 Marek acts as the president of the Slovak Film and Television Academy.

Koza (Ivan Ostrochovský, SK/CZ, 2015, 75 min., OV+ES, Q&A)