Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

07. 08. 2015
Kino Akademik

In Silence

This visually appealing film follows the fragments of lives of several Jewish musicians and performers. A ballet dancer who after almost four years in a concentration camp meets her whole family and becomes a prima ballerina in the Slovak National Theatre. A musician who weighed less then ninety pounds when he returned home. A piano player who survived Terezín concentration camp and became a distinguished music professor in Tel Aviv. The director of Dresden opera who had less luck and died in a labour camp. A German vocal band who had to stop doing their music almost overnight due to racial persecution. The film is a contrasty image between happy memories in one’s life and humiliating suffering in concentration camps where music was the only tool to help the prisoners survive, or at least reduce their fear of the ever-present death. The projection will be introduced by its producer Lívia Filusová. The film is a part of the Visegrad programme within the main section of the seminar.

Lívia Filusová
Lívia Filusová is a graduate of the Production and Distribution study programme at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She took part in launching various significant film festivals and exhibitions, (MFF Forum Bratislava, the international film festival Art film fest, Minority Film festival, Days of European Film) and organizing numerous notable cultural events in Slovakia. In 2006 Lívia Flusová founded the Furia Film production company and acts as its executive directress. She produced a number of distribution documentary films (The Last Caravan, Little Mad Robinson, The Graduates, In Silence) as well as a whole range of TV projects (You are not alone, Elixir, Flying Words Town TV documentary).

V tichu (Zdeněk Jiráský, SK/CZ, 2014, 84 min., OV+ES, Q&A)