Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

Jul 23, 2019

4 Elements Film Festival will present at a pre-premiere a documentary about Forman as well as a new Czech-Slovak fantasy film


The 21st Summer Film Festival 4 Elements will present a number of diverse films related to the topic of NUMBERS. They include three films which will be offered to Slovak viewers for the first time – in their distribution pre-premiere. The event will take place in Banská Štiavnica during August 7 – 11, 2019.

The documentary Forman vs. Forman (2019) is the latest work of the well-known Czech filmmaker Helena Třeštíková. Together with her colleague Jakub Hejna she filmed a captivating portrait that presents the legendary film director Miloš Forman as a charismatic person and creator who’s always doubting and looking for freedom not only in films, but also in his own life. The film is a collage of personal and official archives and autobiographical memories, narrated by the director’s son Petr.

Behind the name The Sound Is Innocent (2019) hides a musical documentary looking into the dream world of electronic music. The director and well-known alternative musician Johana Ožvold (formerly Švarcová) will lead the audience through a mysterious maze of recording studios, where she will meet important creators and reveal key moments in the development of electronic sound. The film is a unique generation account about the plurality of electronic music, the transformation of its function and perception. Johana Ožvold will present the film in Banská Štiavnica personally and as DJ Johana Oz, she will play at one of the festival parties.

Part of the program of the Summer Film Festival 4 Elements is also the so called 4 Elements for Kids, which offers a film and accompanying program for children and their parents. However, the pre-premiere of the Czech-Slovak co-production fantasy The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (2019) from director Jitka Rudolfová, which will be presented by a delegation of its creators, is not only for them. The movie tells the story of a skillful watchmaker’s apprentice called Urban who on a journey to find a magical watch that warns about Death overcomes many obstacles and saves his beloved Laura.  This film novelty will feature numerous well-known Czech actors and actresses such as Miroslav Krobot, Jaroslav Plesl, Václav Neužil Jr., Viktor Preiss or Jana Plodková, but also Slovak actress Éva Bandor.

In addition to the already mentioned novelties, 4 Elements with the topic of NUMBERS will screen more than 40 other films – feature and short, from various countries and years of origin.