Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

Feb 28, 2018

4 Elements Festival in Banská Štiavnica presented its film awards


The 7th edition of the Winter Film Festival 4 Elements in Banská Štiavnica with the theme BEGINNING ended on Sunday, February 25, 2018. It presented 8 feature films and 20 short films and during the 3 days it welcomed various interesting guests.

Right after its beginning on Friday, February 23, the results of the experimental films competition Other Visions SK were announced. The three members of the jury – Zuzana Bodnárová (the platform Banská Štiavnica Contemporary), Ivana Laučiková (director and producer of animated films) and Jiří Neděla (dramaturge of the Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art – PAF – Olomouc) selected from among the 8 films in the competition finals the work of Dominika Koššová, With Valie. 4 Elements together with the Internet portal Kinečko and PAF Olomouc will announce another edition of the film competition in May 2018.

A day later, 4 Elements introduced at the Slovak preview the co-production drama Freedom (directed by Jan Speckenbach, Germany/Slovakia, 2017). The story of a German woman who decides to leave her family and begin a new life in Bratislava will be released in Slovak theaters on March 22.The first Slovak screening was presented by the co-producer Peter Badač and the actress Andrea Sabová in the crowded movie theater Akademik.

On Sunday morning, the authors of the documentary series FemaleFirst – producer Barbara Janišová Feglová and director Lenka Moravčíková - Chovanec – introduced the behind-the-scenes of its creation. The successful documentary series has been recently released on DVD and so you too can watch the stories of the extraordinary Slovak women in the comforts of your own home.

The winter edition of 4 Elements will be followed by the 20th edition of the festival and it will take place in Banská Štiavnica from August 8 till August 12, 2018. The event will celebrate and end the first two decades of its existence with the theme HAPPY END.