Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

Jul 20, 2016

Pilot Slovak extension of the Other Visions Competition


PAF - Festival of Film Animation emerged in 2000 in Olomouc. In the course of its existence, a showcase of animated film has developed into today’s fully-fledged Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art. Originally a four-day event, the festival has transformed into an all-year-round cultural platform, which under the heading PAF Olomouc focuses on contemporary forms of moving image overlapping with visual arts.

Competition Other Visions emerged from the initiative of PAF in 2007. Its pilot Slovak extension is a result of cooperation among PAF, the Slovak film magazine Kinečko and 4 Elements Film Seminar. The contest focuses on visually interesting and narratively novel projects balancing on the borderline of film, video art, animation, and visual arts. Its aim is to make them more accessible to the public and award the works of both professionals and amateurs permeating the contemporary scene of visual arts and film.

Every year, the role of the competition guarantor for Other Visions SK, a selection of the most interesting Slovak contemporary audio-visual works, will be assigned to a new person. The festival organisers will select the guarantor from among various figures of the cultural life in Slovakia such as film critics, media theorists, art historians, curators, and productive artists. These will then nominate ten works into a compilation and thus confer their unique, “other” vision to every next year of the competition. The selection for 2016 Other Visions SK will be curated by Martin Kaňuch, a film historian, editor, and 4 Elements dramaturge. He will choose ten works to be screened in a cinema and installed in gallery premises. An international jury as well as the audience itself will assess the works and the results will then be announced during the 6th winter film seminar 4 Elements 2017.

Conditions for submission:

- the work must be suitable for screening in a screening hall
- the work must be suitable for installation in a gallery space
- on the day of closing the open call, the work cannot be older than 18 months
- the work is a result of an independent and non-commercial approach to creative work
- all works must be produced in Slovakia (the author does not need to be of Slovak nationality, it is the place of work’s origin that is decisive)
- submission is open to professionals as well as to amateurs
- one author can submit multiple works

Open call:
E-mail address: