Summer Film Festival 4 Elements


Faith in a successful year

You don’t have to believe everything. In case of the 19th Summer Film Seminar 4 Elements you don’t even have to believe its visuals. You wouldn’t find Viera Strnisková, Chytilová or Ferbasová in the program. With this wordplay we wanted to show that even with such seemingly serious topic as faith we know how to and we want to play.

We don’t perceive faith as a belief of an individual or a group in existence and functioning of things only in religious context as it seems at first. Who wouldn’t believe (or wouldn’t lose faith) in a better, ideal future? Who wouldn’t here and there put faith in reliable people, close or distant? Who wouldn’t in case of being let down by them believe that his or her truth is the real one? And who wouldn’t, while watching a good movie in the thickening air of the Akademik Cinema, give in to its authenticity and wouldn’t believe that the story could have happened exactly the way the filmmakers put it onto the celluloid lm? Whether we want it or not, sometimes we all catch ourselves believing shamelessly.

We at the 4 Elements believe in a good-quality year. The very successful winter edition of the seminar in February proved that fate can favor us and the faith we put in the summer edition not being disappointing is not at all unreasonable. We will see each other at screenings (and by screenings we don’t mean splashing about in a teich!), lectures, discussions, concerts and parties! Can we believe you will not resist what we offer?

Peter Gašparík