Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

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The topic of the 2013 4 Elements Seminar is LOVE. There is no doubt that cinema and love go hand in hand. The cinema is where we go on a first date; the semidarkness of the screening room hides the first, diffident erotic attempts and solves the problem of what to discuss, when the couple don’t know each other all that well yet. These memories are what makes us love cinema. Apart from that, it brings the distinctive experience of watching films. In the last few years, cinema and our attitude towards it have changed significantly. As an institution, cinema has lately been facing some notable changes. The celluloid film was replaced by portable digital media and thanks to DVDs, access to films has become much greater. A new generation of cinephiles and film fans has arisen. Are they different from the previous generation? How different is their love of film? What role does the traditional cinema-going have these days and what makes it irreplaceable? These are the questions we will be finding the answers to at the Winter Film Seminar 4 Elements. We will be drawing inspiration from films about the love for cinema as well as from those where cinema plays an important role. Let us enjoy the atmosphere of the cinema in Štiavnica together! Come, see for yourself why cinema is still worth going to, and feel free to share your ideas on why we all love it!