Summer Film Festival 4 Elements


We have been toying with the idea of organizing the Winter Film Seminar 4 elements for a couple of years now, and we are very happy about it working out this year. The winter event should act as an appetizer to what the summer Seminar, revolving around the idea of Borders, will bring. When outlining the program of the summer seminars, it is with much unwillingness that we eliminate some of the films or even whole branches of the given topic. One of such branches is the theme of The others. This seminar will provide you with a selection of Slovak and Hungarian films, reflecting our common past, mutual relations as well as relations with other minorities, living in both countries – now as well as in the past. When choosing the films, we tried to avoid a superficial approach as well as films that are considered chronically popular, despite their deserving a place in this category, dramaturgically speaking. Just as always, even this year’s programme is just one of the approaches to the topic. We aimed for a colourful film selection that would also reflect current and past views of minorities. We hope you will enjoy the films as well as all the accompanying activities aimed at getting to know the others.

Yours 4 Elements