Summer Film Festival 4 Elements


1. A game is a representation of the imaginary relationship between individuals and reality for the purpose of the game’s organizing.
2. The organizing of the game is executed by laying down its rules, which are a result of mutual agreement. 
3. Since we need to know what game we are playing, the agreement is necessary.
4. We play games whose endings are unpredictable.
5. It is the unpredictability that makes the game fun.*
6. To have fun is human, but animals like it just as much.
7. Being one step ahead of our teammate is not a bad thing.
8. A teammate is potentially a masked opponent.
9. Annoying chaos. 
10. We want to put stop to the chaos of reality by employing the game’s rules.
11. Fair’s fair, even with games.

* Breaking rules (the purpose of art) is fun as well. This note is rule-breaking.