Summer Film Festival 4 Elements


Our brains process a great deal of images, including those of action in film. Regardless of how difficult it can be to find one’s way in the constant flood of images, some action performances, schemes, or the quality and forms of action stick with us, find their way into our memory bank and incite our imagination. The plan of the ninth Summer Film Seminar 4 Elements was substantially influenced by the selection of the films for this year. The idea of film action as the theme for the ninth seminar was sparked of by an action scene from the film Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) by Sam Peckinpah. The scene, short in length but all the more remarkable in its bewitching character, features the main headhunter Benny, who is being followed by two Mexicans. The following itself seems rather pointless. It seems as if the characters did not care about the focus of their mission all that much. Alcohol is being consumed in both cars and Benny is being pestered by his chosen one. Following the ‘tomorrow is another day’ principle, no one is trying to reach their objective. Both cars almost crash due to pure absent-mindedness. To shoot an action that completely ignores the specifics of what good action should look like; an action that undermines the belittling detachment is a true accomplishment. The action is careless and oblivious to the rules of the genre and the tradition on one hand, while it is convincing, sagacious, and realistic on the other, making the viewer intrigued. Alfred stirred the memory waters of some unforgettable film images, creating unforeseen action associations. We hope that we have managed to connect the very best of film action. The question remains, whether the images will find their way into your heads. Maybe they will become a part of your all-time favourite and ever-present scene repertoire. Just remember - do not lose your head as Alfredo did.

Martin Kaňuch

Films: Lived Once a Song-Trush, Twilight, Nosferatu, The 3rd Man, Trans-Europ-Expres, Hukkle, Russian Ark, student films by The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, the surprise from the archive, Hong Kil Dong, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, The Motorcycle Diaries, Mastrona`s Road, Capatain Dabac, The History of Violence, Happy End, The District, Daybreak, Loosers, Carmen