Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

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The topic of the human body as one of the most fundamental and determinative motives in visual arts has in cinematography often been narrowed down to its association with cult film stars. However, film in the late twentieth century deals with much more complex questions relating to the body, in such spheres as the social development, power, politics, feminism or alienation. This year’s Summer Film Seminar 4 Elements subtitled Body changes wants to outline the variations in how the body has been portrayed in the history of cinema and how the social and cultural formulae of corporeality – dealing with the social aspect of the body - have changed. We will trace and observe this idea in fourteen feature films originating in a number of different countries and periods of time. We believe the selection will provide a conclusive view on the changes of body portrayal both in film and outside of it. We will look at the issue through the lens of such directors as Jan Švankmajer, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Luis Buñuel, David Lynch, Claire Denis or Ulrich Seidl.