Summer Film Festival 4 Elements

08. 08. 2019
Art Cafe

Lecture: Pavel Klusák: Bees Buzz Between A and G#: Music of the Climate


Do you know what acoustic ecology is? Music critic, essayist and screenwriter Pavel Klusák (Radio Vltava, Radio Wave, Lidové noviny) presents music of the melting Arctic massif, bee colonies, plastic waste and extreme places that artists have decided to listen to. A feedback between climate and artists who are drawn to the situation of the Earth. The open lecture, full of stimulating sound samples, is the only public part of the UŠAMI workshop that will take place during 4 Elements for preregistered participants and will teach them the basics of field recording. Apart from the lecture, the program of the workshop includes sound walks, mapping of sound terrain and subsequent post-production of the collected material. The workshop was created in co-operation with 4 Elements and the music publishing company mappa, supported from public sources by Slovak Arts Council. For more information, visit the 4 Elements website.